The original Multi-Carbohydrase.
Superzyme is a complex blend of enzymes designed to target indigestible
components of livestock feed. Backed by sound science,
Superzyme is at the forefront of enzyme technology.

History & Evolution

Early 80's - First commercial feed enzyme products come to the market

Late 80's - Commercial development of phytase.

Early 90's - Widespread use of feed enzyme technology begins.

Late 90's - 2nd generation E.Coli phytase developed

Early 00's - Introduction of NSP enzyme technologies for corn/soy diets

Late 00's - Rising feed prices leads to widespread adoption of feed enzyme technology

Today - Multi-Carbohydrase technology becomes adopted internationally

Fermentation Process

Fermentation utilizes microbial strains to express a variety of enzyme activities.  Superzyme leverages strain banks internationally in order to create a virtual toolbox to target the feedstuffs used around the world.

This platform enables flexible formulation of the Superzyme family to meet the needs of our customers.

Laboratory Stage

Preserved Culture

Where items in nature are swabbled looking for unique strains of bacteria. Once they're found they're kept in freezer banks

Flask Culture

Cultivation of strain is done at this stage. This is the initial growth phase and brings the strain to optimal growth temperature.



Seed fermentation uses a sterilized medium to allow cell growth and prepare them for their future environment.


Production fermentation adds additional nutrients into a pH and oxygen controlled environment. Cells reproduce as fermentation completes leaving a broth of nutrients, enzymes and cells.


This is where liquid is separated from dry.

Primary Seperation Enzymes


Enzymes are separated from cells and nutrients.


Enzymes are separated from cells and nutrients.

to Liquids Processing

Competitive Advantage

With its wide range of activities, Superzyme is a flexible platform leveraging over 30 years of R&D.  This research has enabled us to break away from the competition and offer a new way to apply true multi-carbohydrase enzymes into your formulation.

Traditional enzyme products utilize only one or two activities to breakdown the indigestible components of the feed. This is based on aging science that fails to release the full energy locked in the diet.

Superzyme utilizes up to seven different activities with each activity targeting a specific component of the diet.

This gives producers the right ammunition to unlock the full potential in your diet formulations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Superzyme represents Multi-Carbohydrase technology embedded into a suite of enzyme products designed to target the indigestible components present in a wide array of animal feeds.

Enzymes are biologically active molecules that catalyze biochemical reactions. 

Using the lock and key approach, enzymes have different activities that target indigestable components of the feed.  These activities go to work breaking down fibers to release energy that can then be utilized by the animal.

Multi-carbohydrase technology is different from other "NSP" enzymes and "Enzyme Cocktails". Our technology identifies multiple strains that express multiple activities as oppose to blending single-source enzymes together. This technology has been in development for 25+ years and continues to evolve.

Multi-Carbohydrase technology delivers complete coverage to a broad range of indigestible components present in animal feeds. Application of Multi-Carbohydrase technology in Superzyme will ensure all indigestible components are targeted and therefore maximum nutrition is extracted from the feed.

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